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The perfect storage solution?

The perfect storage solution?

Pole buildings (now referred to as post-frame buildings) were originally designed during the depression era as a low-cost alternative to the large wooden barns of the time, and they were an instant hit with the agricultural community. Strong, sturdy, quick-to-build, and most important, economical, these buildings allowed the farmers to get their goods under cover, and get on with the job at hand.

Sound familiar?

Okay, so maybe the farmer label doesn’t apply to all of us, but the desire to save money will surely be a priority for most folks. Many of us also have lots of gear that needs to be taken care of—stuff that needs to be sheltered in order to protect the investment. Some of us have things under a tarp or temporary cover in the driveway, while others are paying for monthly storage.

When looking for a more permanent storage solution, many folks would have traditionally looked to the same guys that built their house to construct a shop or barn. While this is great, and the results would more than likely turn out well, the simple fact is the stick-built method of construction will probably cost more money than an equivalent-sized post-frame building. Some people may want to argue issues of quality or durability, but ask any pole building owner and they will tell you that this is simply a non-issue.

If you are in the market for a permanent storage solution or outbuilding and have received a bid for a stick-built building, you may want to gather prices on an equivalent sized post-frame building as well. Between the affordable cost and the quick build time, you may be have the storage area that you and your family needs before you know it, all at a cost that surely won’t break the bank.