About Columbia Steel Construction

A little bit about our company.

Columbia Steel Construction, Inc., has been a Southwest Washington-based business since 1982. Previously located in Longview, Washington, we are now Located in sunny, beautiful Amboylocated 35 miles south in Amboy, the location being better suited to serving customers in southern Clark County, while still maintaining our close proximity to the counties of Cowlitz, Lewis, and Wahkiakum. We pride ourselves on our many years of experience in the building industry, and know that whatever the needs of a particular client, we can offer a quality solution at an affordable price. Nearly 1,000 satisfied clients will testify to our ability to provide a fantastic building and a painless building process.

Over the years, Columbia Steel has built many pole buildings throughout the Southwest Washington region. From small residential garages to large equestrian facilities and everything in between, we have constructed buildings for almost every use imaginable, in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have an excellent relationship with all local government entities, and have worked with all local building departments on multiple projects throughout the years.

Columbia Steel originally established itself as a prominent contractor in the steel building industry, erecting the large steel buildings and warehouses that provided a base for the growth of the industrial areas of both Cowlitz and Clark Counties. Over time, as the need for large steel structures decreased and residential growth increased, Columbia Steel decided to take the experiences of industrial contracting and Look! We're animal friendly!apply them to residential offerings. Since the industrial-oriented composition of the steel buildings is a bit overkill for residential requirements, Columbia Steel turned to pole building construction (now commonly referred to as post-frame construction) to meet the needs of residential customers.

As for the large steel buildings that we used to build exclusively? We still build those too - just not as often as their pole building counterparts. Whatever your particular needs--steel or post-frame construction-- Columbia Steel has the experience and knowledge to help. Please contact us anytime with questions.


Dave Allen
President, Columbia Steel Construction, Inc.